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What Causes Cold Sores- 5 Causes of Cold Sores

Author: Tony Smith

Cold sores are humiliating and can be embarrassing. Especially, when people make jokes about them or stare at them. Also, not know what cause them is frustrating. So, what I'm going to do is share with you what causes cold sores.

That way, you will know the causes of them and how to cure them when they occur.

The 5 causes of cold sores are:

1. The first cause of cold sores is over exposure of wind. When you expose yourself to winds, you could have an outbreak.

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2. Another cause of cold sores is high amounts of arginine. If you have large amounts of arginine and low amount of lysine stored in your cells, it could cause an outbreak. Both, arginine and lysine compete for cell space. By increasing the stores of lysine, you can prevent, or reduce, a cold sore outbreak.

3. Over exposure of the sun is another cause of cold sores. If you are over exposed to the sun, you may experience an outbreak. So, be sure to limit the amount of time you spend out in the sun.

4. Another cause of cold sores is stress. By experiencing severe stress, you will put yourself at risk of an outbreak.

5. A weak immune system is another cause of cold sores. By having a weak immune system, you are at risk of having an outbreak. So, be sure to eat healthy foods. Eat plenty of fruits, veggies, lean meats, and other health foods.

These elements are what causes cold sores. If you have sores, make sure you do something about it now. If you wait too long to do something about it, you could possibly be at risk of having a severe breakout. Or your sores could spread.

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10 Responses to What Causes Cold Sores To Break Out

  1. yanniosu says:

    What causes a cold sore to break out?

    • ilse72 says:

      Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (type 1). The original infection began via contact with a person who had an active cold sore or through sharing their utensils, towels or facial razor. The virus comes (active phase) and goes (dormant phase). Things that can make the virus come out of dormancy are stress, fever, menstruation or sun exposure.

  2. summer 2010 baby!!!! says:

    What exactly causes cold sores and is there a cure?
    Okay ever since last summer I noticed that I break out in cold sores about two a month the last time I got one was back in July. I just went to my dermatologist and she said its due to poor diet and lack of sleep. Also stressed. I do get stressed out a lot. What exactly causes cold sores and is their a cure ?

    • amy says:

      It is the oral herpes virus– but TONS of people get them, don’t worry. My mom says once you get the virus, you have it for life, even when it’s dormant. I have it, so I get them every so often.
      I never heard poor diet or sleep cause them, but I have heard that stress does! That’s true for me. Temperature change is a big trigger for me, too. Extreme hot or cold can cause them.
      If they are bad, you probably can get a prescription for them, as you may know.
      As soon as I can feel one coming on (it will be sore, red, or raised a little under the skin), I take Ibuprophen, as per my mom. I also use Abreva constantly and wash the area and keep it clean. Medication over-the-counter doesn’t seem to heal much faster for me, however, I think the virus just has to run it’s course.

  3. min says:

    What causes cold sores?
    I’ve never had cold sores before. What causes them to break out?
    I know that they are a form of herpes.

    • mizznyc says:

      Cold sores are a form or herpes. There are two forms of herpes, herpes simplex 1 (HS1) and herpes simplex 2 (HS2). HS1 occurs on the mouth and lips, and HS2 occurs on the genitals.

      Causes of HS1:
      Emotional upset and stress.
      Physical stress and fatigue.
      Illnesses (including a fever, cold or the flu).
      Injury to the lips or skin, such as physical trauma or severe chapping.
      Injury to the lips from excessive exposure to bright sunlight or ultraviolet lamps.
      Menstruation or pregnancy.
      An immune system deficiency.
      Having oral contact with someone who has the virus (kissing, oral sex).

      I use to get a HS1 breakout often as a teen but didn’t know how I got them at the time. Some times I’d get them every month sometimes every few months. Then I realized what was causing my breakout, other then being sick Hs1 popped up every time I used lip gloss, chap stick or if my lips were too dry. All I can use on my lips and have for the past few years without a problem is Blistex Lip Medex in the little blue tub. It’s cheap and works great for me. Try it, it might works for you.

      Hope I helped

  4. ♥Alley♥ says:

    Could I have the cold sore causing virus from this ridiculously long exchange?
    Firstly thank you for your time.

    Well, I recently discovered something terrible that causes me to be worried about my health.

    About three months ago I dated a man, whom although it was unknown to me, broke out in cold sores. Well we French kissed often, although he never had a cold sore when we kissed. We broke up in May.

    Now on Saturday I had discovered that the man I’m currently dating, whom is also my ex’s friend had shared a drink with my ex while he was having a cold sore.

    After a couple days of sharing the drink, the man I’m currently dating, and myself had several Frnech kisses again.

    Now, I know this is quite a complicated mess but I’ve never had a cold sore before, and neither has any of my family.

    So, I was just wondering, what’s the chances of me having a cold sore, and getting the virus?

    Thank you so much for your time, it’s appreciated SOOOO much.


    • when2y4 says:

      If there is no active sore on his lips, it would not be contagious. btw, It is not necessary to French kiss to get herpes. One peck can do it. Baby gets first blister and herpes on the top of its head from grandma with cold sore kissing there.
      However, with genital herpes, apparently, it can be present and transmissible to a baby going through the birth canal. It is one of the reasons for a C-section.

  5. summer 2010 baby!!!! says:

    what causes cold sores?
    Okay ever since last year I noticed I break out in cold sores a lot. June of last year Is when I first broke out then july then this past may. Now I got another one. I heard that they can come three times a year. What causes cold sores and what is the best way to treat them? I have been putting abreva on it

    • Natasha says:

      there is no cure for it, but a treatment..the virus lies deep in nerve root and low immunity , sun, or stress can cause a breakout. Use Abreva.it’s the best treatment out there and in 2 , 3 days the sore is gone! the bad part about herpex virus is that it will be coming and keep coming. and be careful, if it’s a open sore, you can easily transmit the virus through kissing, sharing the same towel, open cut..

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