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How Does The Donjoy Iceman Cold Therapy Unit Help After Anthroscopy?

Author: J Pal

If you have had joint pain, you may be familiar with a procedure called anthroscopy. This is a procedure used to diagnose problems in your joints. It may be used for ankle, shoulder and knee problems.

If you have pain or swelling in your joints, you may have this surgery to find out why this is. If you have problems with mobility or unstable joints, this surgery can help you find out why. This surgery can reveal if you have cartilage or ligament damage.

This surgery can be used to repair injuries such as ligament and cartilage damage. Arthroscopic procedures can cause pain, swelling, and inflammation. Many sports medicine doctors suggest that their patients use the DonJoy iceman cold therapy unit after arthroscopy.

What is the Donjoy Iceman Cold Therapy unit? This is one of DonJoys most widely recognised cold therapy products. It is used by sports medical professionals and othopedists who follow arthroscopic procedures to minimize pain.

Cold Sore Free Forever

Cold therapy uses ice or cold temperatures to helps relieve pain and swelling after an injury or after surgery. It can also help with rehabilitation. When you use the DonJoy iceman you get up to 7 hours of continuous cold therapy. After 7 hours, you will have to refill the iceman with ice.

It also features the patented semi-closed loop system which means it can maintain an accurate and constant temperature. You can use a wrap-on or cold pad with this product. You put the pad on the joint that is hurting. Pads are made for the knee, shoulder, ankle, hip and forefoot.

To improve your joint function, the Donjoy Iceman may help. It could also improve the qaulity of your life. The iceman is simple to use. It features a thermostat which can be adjusted easily. The temperature of the unit stays constant and is accurate. You get a 3 month warranty on the iceman unit and a 3 month warranty on the cold pads.

Who are Donjoy? DJO Incorporated make manufacture DonJoy Iceman products. DJO Incorporated is one of the leading makers of orthopedic products in the world. They make products like knee braces, ankle braces, post-operative braces, and walkers.

DJO Incorporated make products to help you prevent injuries, treat your pain, and heal after an injury or surgery. DJO incorporated make good quality products to help athletes and non-athletes perform their best. When you need a cold therapy product, DJO Incorporated has just what you need.

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9 Responses to Does Ice Help Cold Sores

  1. Michelle O says:

    Does icing cold sores help?
    I have a little cold sore bubble right on my lip
    I was told not to pop it or poke it with a pin because it leave scaps and deap cuts
    and usually when i dont it heals faster
    Does icing it make the bubble go away faster?
    What should i do? Im taking valtrex and that seems to be helping
    what else can i do to reduce the swelling of the bubble?
    HELP i need this GONE asap

    • PooPooLaTrash says:

      Icing will help with the pain, but won’t help resolve the sore any faster if it is already there. Ice can help if you feel a sore forming as it will often prevent the sore from erupting.

      Don’t poke or open the blister as that can actually cause more cold sores to form.

  2. Trevor Beeler says:

    does ice help get rid of my cold sore?
    can ice make my cold sore smaller or get rid of it

  3. Aubrey says:

    Does ice help get rid of a cold sore?
    So I noticed that I started to feel a tingly sensation on my upper lip on the left side. I have very dry lips during the winter time and chapstick makes my lips more dry. I started noticing a small bump as well. I immediately put some ice on my sore for about 10 min. and when I woke up this morning it looked like I had a fat upper lip (on one side anyways). It is now 11:45pm and it has gotten worse. I wanted to know if I continue to put ice on my cold sore (and still at this point it looks more like a swelled upper lip, on the left side, and a small bump) if it will get any better? Or is there something else that might work better? I tried putting neosporin on my cold sore and that isn’t helping, nor is vaseline. I would really like to get rid of this fast. Please help!

  4. katherine says:

    does icing a cold sore help it go away faster !?

  5. Jessica says:

    does puting a ice cube on your cold sore really help?

    could u also please answer this question;_ylt=AvMXUxPfmkJxQozCg4Futbfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080621145620AA1A6Lg

    thank u in advance : )

    • Danny Darko says:

      Yes! Tried and tested!

      On four different occasions, I had the beginning of a cold sore coming.

      I put ice on it each time

      And it was gone the next day.

      And as for the other question…

      I was too lazy to check it out…But good luck anyway.

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