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Herpes or Cold Sores - Which is it?

Author: Charles Kassotis

It may surprise you to find out that if you get cold sores, you actually suffer from herpes. Many people think of herpes as something that only effects the genital area, but in fact the disease is more than just a sexually transmitted disease. Like the genital version, herpes in the form of cold sores lie dormant until irritated, at which point they make their appearance.

Cold sores get their name because they do tend to show up at times when the sufferer is afflicted by a cold. However, stress can trigger an appearance by a cold sore, as can menstruation in women. These sores are generally fluid filled and irritating. They can also be painful. They usually appear in the area around the mouth, most often on the lips. They can appear, however, below the lip, anywhere between the lower lip and the chin. They can also appear on the upper lip, anywhere between that lip and the nose. Some cold sores show up as a single sore, while others appear as clusters of many sores. These clusters can grow to be large enough to cover a solid area, sometimes stretching from lip to nose, or covering the entire lip. Some even make their way inside the mouth, on the inner lip or on the side of the inner cheek.

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Not only can cold sores be painful, but they can also cause a great deal of trouble when it comes to eating, drinking, and sleeping. Additionally, running water can make them feel even more uncomfortable, making showering an annoying experience. If caught quickly, a cold sore can be disposed of in one to three days. However, if allowed to grow from its beginning to its full course, a cold sore can last up to a week or longer. This is why it is important to learn to recognize a developing cold sore and immediately begin treating it.

Most cold sores are accompanied by a distinctive tingle just as they are starting. If you keep an over the counter treatment like Abreva handy, you can smear some on the area and prevent the sore from getting very big, and from lasting for very long. If your cold sore outbreaks are particularly strong, your doctor may actually prescribe a medicine like Famciclovir to help suppress the outbreak. Famciclovir is generally used to treat genital herpes outbreaks, but it also works for cold sores, since they are caused by the same sort of virus. Another thing that can help you get rid of cold sores is taking Lysine. However, it is important to note that your body can become immune to it, reducing its effectiveness.

The sooner you take measures to treat the cold sore, the sooner it will be gone. It is best to have what you need readily available so that you can treat the cold sore at the first sign of a tingle. That way you will be able to significantly restrict the time that you have a cold sore.

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9 Responses to Cold Sores On Chin

  1. Elke Elke Elke says:

    What would pimples on the left side of my chin & a cold sore on the left side of my bottom lip mean?
    I usually only get cold sores when I’m run down but I’m OK at the moment so am at a loss :-( Does anyone pls know

  2. Mr Kaufman says:

    my wife has 3 or so groupings of cold sores on her lips and chin. Is it safe to be intimate?
    I don’t have those reoccurring boogers myself… Is it okay to be intimate without kissing or would that put me at risk to catch them? Its only the mouth kind..

  3. pita p says:

    What causes the nasty looking cold sores on your chin?
    During the cold months, I’ve noticed some people that had ugly, yellow-like cold sores on their chin, not their lips. Is it just another form of a cold sore?

    • jcsfan_52 says:

      If it is on the chin it isn’t a cold sore. But it is definitely an infection or virus of a sort, like infentigo(very contagious) maybe or a festered pimple.

      A cold sore, sometimes called a “fever blister,” is a blister or sore which usually appears on the outside of the lips or mouth. It is different from a canker sore, which appears inside the mouth.

  4. elf says:

    I have a long lump under chin and a cold sore?
    I had a scab under my lip and then I used my cousins chapstick without thinking and I got a huge cold sore. I have some questions
    I also noticed under my chin I have a long lump that hurts is this relate to it?
    Also what help cold sores?
    I herd salt water helps although mines on the outside and this babys HUGE! And hurts and itches so bad! Thanks for the help:)

    • Dave F says:

      The lump is indeed related. It is a reaction of your Submental Lymph Nodes to the herpes infection.
      Not too much helps the cold sore at this point. It will just need to run its course which takes 10-12 days. In the future, if you are prone to getting cold sores, you might want to get a prescription for some Acyclovir (Zovirax) cream. If you put the cream on your lip when you FIRST feel that little tingling/burning sensation of a cold sore on the way…the acyclovir will really help prevent the cold sore from being as bad as it is now. It won’t prevent it, but it will greatly reduce how big and bad it gets.

  5. mariposaftw says:

    Can you get cold sore on chin help I’m not sure if its a zit or a cold sore?
    How do cold sore look on chin?

    • tinytot says:

      Yes, you can get a cold sore on your chin. They can also break out on your neck. They look about the same as they would on your lip. They just sting at first and then the blister forms and hurts like heck. Just get some Neosporin lip therapy.

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