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By Denny Bodoh


Cold sores interrupt your life and usually appear at the worst possible times. They are quite unsightly and uncomfortable.

Cold sores, fever blisters or oral herpes are three names for the same thing. They commonly appear on the border of the lip or nose but can form anywhere on your body where the herpes simplex virus can get through the skin.

The herpes simplex virus is the root cause of all cold sores (fever blisters, oral herpes). The herpes virus creates the sores as a side effect of creating new virus particles.

When the virus first invades your body, it will claim a nerve fiber near the entry area and reside in that fiber for life. All cold sores created by this virus family will appear at the surface end of that nerve fiber.


When dormant, the herpes simplex virus hides in the root cells of that nerve. If and when it becomes active, it will squirm along the nerve to the surface and drill into the nerve cells there.

The herpes virus cannot create its own offspring. It needs the nerve cells to do so. When the virus enters a cell, it takes control and forces it to produce new virus clones. The herpes simplex virus is truly a parasite.

You will notice swelling of the target area as the cells fill up. Once the cells reach maximum capacity, the controlling virus destroys the victim cells and all the new virus spills out.

The open cold sore ulcer is the result of this massive cell destruction. These cold sores are exceedingly painful because you now have exposed nerve endings.


The herpes simplex is a very small sub-microscopic particle. It is aggressively contagious and can enter the body through even the tiniest crack in the skin. You are contagious from the first sign until the final healing redness disappears.

Please use every caution with your cold sores. Kissing passes on most cold sores. Contaminated fingers also spread cold sores. Most children catch the herpes virus before they are 12.

Cold Sore Free Forever

You can easily spread cold sores to just about anywhere on your body. Sores on finger tips, arms and cheeks are not uncommon. Folks that get these claim they are a lot more painful than the normal lip cold sore.

Getting a cold sore in your eye can cause serious vision damage.

The herpes simplex virus is so contagious and tough that about 90% of the people on earth over 12 carry it. Around 65% of these folks will get one or more cold sores per year.

This virus does its damage only on the surface where you can easily cleanse and apply a cold sore treatment of your choice. The herpes virus, as far as we know presently, does not travel or create damage internally.


Stress is the primary trigger that activates the herpes simplex virus. When you encounter stress, your body gears up for battle, your hormones change and your pH balance drops into the acid zone. The herpes virus loves an acid environment.

Your body will heal your cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes outbreaks without any help from you. But it often takes three to four weeks. With a good cold sore treatment plan, you can cut this time in half.

Your best choices for cold sore treatment are still the natural home remedies. They still work better than anything the drug companies have come up with so far.

Some of the most proven cold sore treatment remedies are lysine, zinc and garlic. These can and should be used both internally (supplements) and as topical treatments. Continual cleansing of the area with alcohol or peroxide is very important also.

Cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes really hurt your social life. And they are tough to deal with. But with what you have just learned, you now have a great advantage in the cold sore battle.

With a little experimenting, you will develop your own cold sore treatment plan and enjoy much more freedom in your life.

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9 Responses to Cold Sore In Eye

  1. Sweetpea says:

    Who has ever had a cold sore in the eye?
    Ok so I’ve been getting cold sores since I’ve been a child, about 2 months ago I started wearing contacts. Last week I got a cold sore so obviously I put some treatment on my lip then touched my eye or my contacts, probably at bedtime. Anyways I guess I spread the cold sore to my eye. I just came from the eye doctor and that is what he said and I have an ulcer on my eye..Has this ever happened to anyone and how long did it take to clear up? It’s very red and painful right now.

  2. Airylizard says:

    Can you join the Military if you have had a cold sore in your eye?
    When my brother was little. He was playing with out neighbor who had a cold sore. She accedintally scratched him in the eye and had the cold sore virus on her fingernails when it happened. So he got Ocular Herpes. It left a little scarring and damaged his vision to 20/40, but besides that nothing major. Can he still join the military or would this disqualify him?

    • Atruesoldier says:

      As long as he is able to past the vision test, he will have no problem. I knew a lot of people in the military with 20/40, thats why they issued those BC glasses. He passes the eye exam, and its not too bad he can get a waiver. He probably will not be allowed in the Air Force as they have strict rules on vision. Good luck to him.

  3. Airylizard says:

    Questions about Cold sore in eye (Ocular Herpes)…?
    When I was a very young child about 2-3 years old I was scratched in the eye by a girl who had the Cold Sore virus underneath her fingernails. I had surgery on it, but the doctor said that the surgery didn’t help because the virus had gotten into a blood vessel or something, but regardless to say the doctor said it didn’t work. Well the doctor had also said that there was some scarring do to the cold sore. Now this doctor I don’t think was exactly too good at his job. He said that the scarring made me legally blind in my left eye, but thats not the case it didn’t do anything but lower my acuity to 20/40k, but I went to Lens Crafters to get fitted for some glasses and the Optometris lady there said that I actually just had a Lazy Eye and that the scarring in reality did not effect my vision. Also that was the ONLY time anything about a Cold Sore being in my eye had EVER happened. In the last 16 years I have not had a SINGLE problem with this.

    So my question are if your still reading which I hope very much that you are is…

    Could the doctor from when I was a child just have been wrong?

    Could the procedure have had worked, but the doctor just didn’t know what he was doing?

    Since that was the only occourance so long ago am I like very likely to have another one? I have had lip cold sores within the past 16 years, but never anything with my eye.

    Also if I did get another Cold Sore in my eye how would I be able to tell? I have allergies so my eyes always are tearing up.

    If I go to see another Optometris now for a 2nd opinion on the overall experience.

    How would the Doctor go about checking everything? How would he be able to tell that I had a cold sore in my eye?

    • Jon says:

      To answer your first couple questions, it is possible that your doctor made a mistake. Doctors, though we sometimes forget it, are human too and humans make mistakes. I’m sure he knows what he is doing, but a mis-diagnosis is possible and if you think this is the case you should seek a second opinion.

      There are different types of eye herpes that have different symptoms and signs. If you discuss your history with the optometrist you choose for your second opinion they will be able to determine if/what type you have during a comprehensive eye exam, which you should have every 2 years anyway.

      Hope this helps, check the sources area for more information on eye herpes.

  4. Siar says:

    What happens if you have a cold sore near an eye?
    It’s nothing serious just a little thing at the edge of my eye(it’s about 1-2 mm from my eye) although i keep reading over the web that i should see my doctor immediately and i can’t understand why, my vision isn’t impaired in any way it progressed rapidly and now it’s already starting to heal in less then a day.
    Please don’t bother with advice such as: “Go see your doctor!!” I’m going to do it anyway but i’d like to know why.

  5. Airylizard says:

    Can you join the Military if you had a cold sore in your eye?

    What if the cold sore healed, but left some scarring?

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