Are Cold Sores Contagious Through Kissing

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Are Herpes sores Contagious? Read on

Author: Darren Norville

An outbreak of herpes sores is among the worst things that you can experience and they can be contagious requiring early treatment as well.  A herpes test is required to sort out the problem and genital herpes can be very bad for your reputation like a sexually transmitted disease. There are many misunderstandings about the disease as people have different takes on its symptoms, the intensity of the problem and its cure.

You can pass on the disease

Many people coast to coast and the world over are infected by the most common problem of herpes known as HSV 1. Episodes for herpes can be periodic varying from person to person and even though the disease is not life threatening, it can cause much discomfort and impair your lifestyle as well.  You can also pass on the disease unconsciously to someone else without knowing you are infected with herpes.

Many of those affected by herpes may not know the symptoms until they have been carrying it for months and maybe years. Doing a herpes test can only reveal if you are infected with the problem or not and save future miseries that could also mean a loss of personality.

Usually, doctors recommend a herpes blood test to detect the presence of any viruses that you may not be aware of. Presence of herpes sores is the first symptom and the sign of the virus that would require medical treatment upfront.

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There are several dating sites where you can meet singles with the virus as recurrent herpes problems are not known. To heal herpes sores you would require medical treatment and the herpes test involves taking a sample from the portion of the body infected by the virus which can be a swab taken from a blister.

You will know from the test which type of virus you are infected with as there are some rare cases of genital infections as well.

Pregnant women are at risk

But with the blood test, you will not know which part of the body is infected. Pregnant women are at risk as the infection can pass on to the baby and doctors take utmost care to lower down the risk. There is actually no surefire cure for herpes sores on the genitals and you may have to carry the virus for the rest of your life.

You can use lodine paint to cure the blisters and prevent the spread of the infection, but there is no total cure available.

You can take salt baths to make you feel comfortable but they don't heal herpes sores. Severity of an outbreak of herpes can be arrested with anti viral medication if you are diagnosed at the early stages. Antiviral drugs like famciclovir, acyclovir and valaciclovir are administered to fight regular outbreaks of herpes sores.

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9 Responses to Are Cold Sores Contagious Through Kissing

  1. Abby F says:

    Is a cold sore contagious through kissing if it is not an open sore?

    • MamaSmurf says:

      If it is not an open sore, no it is not contagious. Only if it is an active, open sore is when it can be passed from one person to another. But a cold sore, which is caused by herpes simplex virus type 1, can also be spread by using a persons towel, or razor, or personal items that have come into contact with the open sore and have the virus on it. It does not have to be person to person contact. However, as long as the person you are planning on kissing has a sore that is not open or leaking an fluid through cracking, you are ok. When a person gets a cold sore, they keep the virus in the body, and can get another cold sore from things like stress, upset stomach, too much sun. It usually will break out in the same spot or near the same spot as the last one…….

  2. Wondering says:

    How long are Cold Sores contagious for? ?
    I woke up with a Cold Sore this morning. Ive been putting Abreva on it through the morning, and will try alcohol and nail polish removal later tonight.

    I want to know how long they are contagious for? If the Cold Sore heals up, and is gone from my lips, that means it it no longer contagious right?

    My boyfriend has been over seas, comes home in 13 days, and I want to know that I will be able to give him a kiss hello without possibly giving him one too.

  3. Dax E says:

    how contagious are cold sores and what to do?
    my aunt blind sighted me when she came over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I then noticed she had a cold sore. Will i now contract it? or is something that is only passed on from lips to lips or through sexual acts?

    • Sara B says:

      I’m assuming you mean a herpes-type cold sore (on the outside of her mouth) since you said you could see it.

      I’m not a doctor or a virologist, but I am pretty sure that unless she had saliva on her lips, or the sore was oozing, AND you had a cut on your cheek right where she kissed you, you’re probably fine. Viruses need to get into your body somehow to infect you, that’s why we have skin- to keep them out. Your mouth is a mucous membrane, which can be permeable by viruses and bacteria. The skin on your cheek is not permeable to viruses and bacteria unless there is a break in it.

  4. Leonel El Campesino de Santiago says:

    How contagious are cold sores, I’m extremely worried/paranoid!?
    I’m so confused, I don’t know who to believe!:

    Some say that the cold sore virus can only spread by direct contact with the sore like kissing, giving yourself/recieving oral sex etc, but some say you can spread it by simply touching a door knob or a sheet of paper?

    Some say the cold sore virus only lives outside of the body for a few seconds, while some say up to a few hours?

    Some say to spread your own cold sore virus to other parts of the body, you would either have to give yourself oral sex or somehow kiss your eyeballs or put your finger in your mouth, while others say you can simply give yourself genital herpes by tapping your cold sore and then tapping your genitals?

    Some say herpes only spreads by direct contact, while some say herpes can spread through fluids like masturbating with saliva?

    I’m confused and I have a severe case of OCD where I’m scared to death of spreading my cold sore to my genitals, I haven’t touch my genitals in about a month, not even to wash my foreskin!

    What should I do? If I just wash my hands whenever I touch my cold sore, I’ll get addicted to it and do it whenever I may suspect I touched my cold sore, or touched something that touched my cold sore! When I was younger I would wash my hands every few seconds because I was a germophobe, and I would try to disinfect everything I had touched, I really don’t want to go back to that again.

    I’m still a virgin and I’m scared that I might spread my cold sore to my genitals and basically ruin my sex life before it even starts?

  5. John Spreck says:

    Is it possible to for the HSV (cold sore) to spread when inactive?
    I’m getting married this summer and am concerned about giving the HSV 1 (cold sores) to my bride to be who does not get cold sores. I know they can be transmitted through kissing and also oral sex. (We will not be sexually active until after marriage) Are cold sores contagious when there are no active sores present?

    • Tink says:

      Yes, they are contagious when not active – though much less so. The process by which the virus reproduces is called asymtomatic shedding. Another person could catch it at that time….

      Hey – she signed up to have you as a husband, and implicitly to have cold sores. Its going to happen eventually. She’s just gonna have to live with it, or your’e gonna have to call the wedding off
      [Thats written tongue in cheek]

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